Persistence Pays Off!

July 9, 2012

It took twenty years to get to this point of approving a book cover for my romance novel because I had doubts and often listened to a bunch of negativity.  Once I set that all aside and concentrated on my goals , all of the negativity was replaced with positiveness.  I had big dreams, but was afraid to follow them because of that four letter word…yep, you guessed it…”fear”.  Fear of what?  Fear of what people will say…fear of failure…fear of success…fear, fear, fear…had stopped me dead in my tracks for twenty long years.  That’s a long time isn’t it?

Well, I am here to encourage you; you will never know how much of a success you could be if you don’t try.  People of all walks of life are going to criticize you.  The way I see it, if all people want to do is talk bad about me; then I must be doing something right in the eyes of GOD.  Jesus was criticized too…look where He sits…

In my book, I Am My Mother’s Daughter, Jocelyn faces criticism as well; it took a beating on her, but through it all, she was able to push through it with the help from loving friends.  You see, sometimes you got to stop hanging around folk that are bringing you down.  The only time you receive a visit, call, text, or e-mail is when they want something from you…switch up and settle down into GOD’s plan and purpose for your life.  Let HIM have HIS way with you.

Jocelyn is looking in the mirror; only the image she is seeing is not hers, but that of her moms smiling back at her.


This concludes Mimi Jenkins Moment of Truth.

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