I turn on the news and all I see is evil, evil, and more evil.  It doesn’t really matter what station you turn it on…father killing family and turns gun on himself, kids killing parents, parents killing kids…you get were I’m going.  Are we in that much of a depressed nation? Have we as a people truly lost control on the building blocks of this nation?  Are we that greedy? Jealous?

Families are not visiting each other like they used to because no one can keep their mouth shut.  It’s as if no one is happy unless someone is unhappy.

Here’s the thing:

  • We can’t blame anyone for our current situation.
  • We can’t blame anyone for the wrong we do.
  • We can’t blame anyone for the wrong we say.
  • We can’t blame a particular color, race, creed, or gender.

We as a family need to learn to stick together and let bygones be bygones.  Whatever happened in the past, let it stay in the past.  We has a nation need to learn to stand up for what we feel or know in our hearts to be wrong.

From here on out…as difficult as it may seem, but we can do it…let’s:

  • Love each other.
  • Support each other.
  • Forgive each other.
  • Put away all evil speaking towards each other.

We can’t judge each other, that’s not what we were placed on this earth to do.

In short, let’s just be there for each other no matter what!

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.


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