Hello All,

Get Thee Behind Me is a non-fiction book I am currently working on.

The book centers around Lauren, who is struggling to get away from what ever has been shadowing her since childhood.  She is afraid to sleep in the dark and afraid to close her eyes not knowing what darkness the nightmares would bring.  A generational curse was what she called it.  She was not sure what sacrifices her ancestors’ made in order to live a prosperous life; whatever was said, whatever was done, plagued her life. No matter where she lived, “it” was there.

Witnessing the abuse of her mom and siblings, she vowed never to live the same life.  Jealousy and bitterness soon takes over and Lauren finds her marriage in trouble.  How can she give her husband love when she didn’t love herself?  Always pessimist and never an optimist wreak havoc on her life.  Confiding in friends and family members backfired and landed her in a deep depression….so much so, she wanted to end her life.

Doom was what she felt and death was what she seen.  Life becomes even more hectic when her dreams become reality. Was this a curse or a blessing?

I will keep you informed once the book is up and circulating.

As always, this concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.

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