I started out at the age of 5 wanting to be a flight attendant, but by the ripe age of 6, I wanted to be a lawyer.  I always had a vivid imagination. In my mind, I could change careers like I changed my mind; every 10 minutes!  It was amazing how I could be both independent and successful one minute and marry a rich man the next minute.  I could conquer the world or so I thought.  What happened to those dreams as a kid?  One answer – LIFE!

I have had jobs in corporations, real estate offices, and banks, but I wasn’t progressing – in other words, I was going nowhere fast.  I tried my best at success, but failed miserably.  Why was that?  Why couldn’t I be and do the things I dreamed as a kid? Was it me?  Was I holding myself back?  Was I simply fulfilling everyone else’s expectations of me because I was the only one in the family to graduate from high school and college?  Aha—–that was it…. I was doing what others expected of me. 

If it is one thing I have learned – you cannot live your life according to the expectations of others.  

God gave each and everyone of us a gift to use according to His will and purpose.  We are not here to please people, we are here to please Him.  Period.  When we step out of His will, we fail.  He will shut doors to guide you where He needs you.  The very thing I said I would never do, guess what?  I’m doing it.  I am a caregiver and love every minute of it.  At first, I couldn’t figure out why I was placed in this position, but then it dawned on me.  God can not use me as a lawyer, flight attendant, or sitting behind a desk.  

You see, I prayed for God to send me where I am needed.  I prayed for Him to use me according to His will and purpose for my life – guess what- He did! 

So, for a while, I felt as if my degree in Business Administration was a waste because I am not using it to its full potential, but I had to realize that serving others was what Jesus did and is stilling doing – when the time comes, if I wait patiently, He will turn it into something marvelous that will benefit others, put a smile on my face, and please Him at the same time.

When I get anxious and start asking why, I Inhale and Exhale and constantly say these words, “God is in control.”

This concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.

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With the fall season already here and the never ending stink bugs……I often reminisce on visits to my grandparents’ house (God rest their souls).  There is something special about grandparents. 


  • Let you get away with “stuff”
  • Are loving and caring
  • Spoil you then send you home to your parents
  • Always have something sweet
  • Give lots of hugs and kisses
  • Are easy to talk to
  • Always have a story to tell (fact or fiction)
  • Are there for you when no one else is
  • Will lie for you
  • Vivacious and full of energy
  • Buy you things without the permission of your parents
  • Are very supportive and dependable

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I can’t change the past, but I can look forward to the future.  I’m not going to lie, life is hard and I accept it while counting it all as joy.  I’m only human and am expected to make mistakes, but it’s how I acknowledge my mistakes, seek forgiveness, and try not to make the same mistake twice.  We have all been there – knowing full well, what we are about to do is wrong, but yet we press on with it anyway.  Who’s fault is it?  Who do you blame?  Do you blame him or her?  Just remember this….when you point one finger at someone else, three are pointing right back at you.  No one is perfect…it’s not the fall that keeps us down, it’s the simple fact that we do not want to get up and accept the fact that we have fallen – I call that pride.  Get up and brush the dust off!

God has already forgiven  you, it’s time for you to forgive yourself and accept the fact that life is what you make of it…full of God’s favor and breath taken – just like this image I took in my back yard! You don’t have to go far, it’s right in front of you!

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins Moment of Truth

Mimi Jenkins

Color Me Beautiful Independent Beauty Consultant

Empowering and inspiring others to look, feel, be, and do their best!



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