It hurts me when I unlock the door to my mom’s house in the morning and she is sitting on the couch crying in agonizing arthritis pain.  She has been diagnosed with PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica), Osteoarthritis, and Fibromyalgia, that we are aware of…

Honestly, if I could take away the pain from her and ration some to myself, I would do it.  My questions are what exactly cause arthritis and can it be prevented?

To answer the first question as we all know, arthritis is caused by wear and tear on your joints.   As a child, my mom was abused both physically and mentally.  She was forced to leave school at a very young age to care for her nieces.  Forced to work out in waist deep snow and chop wood, while everyone else was inside staying warm by the cozy fire she provided wood for.  Yes, it hurts when she tells me her child hood stories.  I wonder how she ever survived, but she did thanks to Almighty God, my mom is living to tell her story. 

Can arthritis be prevented? Not really, my mom was and still is a healthy eater, exercised and took her vitamins.  So, in essence, it can’t be prevented; depending on your life style and how you grew up, it may not affect you as bad as it did my mom.

As an adult, she often got beat and knocked around by scum buckets, but it never stopped her, she out lasted them all!  My mom is a very godly and strong woman.  The wounds of her past only made her stronger.  Thank You Father, for saving my mom and enabling me to take care of her the way she took care of me.

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth. 

P.S. The image in the picture depicts what my mom’s thumb look like…..although it is not an actual image of her hand.





Mayo Clinic 


Marriage is based off of more than just love.  You have to have trust.  If trust is one of the issues you are struggling with, here is what you can do to remedy the situation in all areas of your life.

The old saying, “All men cheat” is not true.  Believe it or not, there are still some decent men out there that are honest.  You must not compare your relationship with that of other family members. When a relative loads their woes on you about reasons why men can’t be trusted, you have to take it with a grain of salt.  Your relationship is not their relationship; not only that, just because it didn’t work for them does not mean it will not work for you.  In essence, you listen to what they have to say while drawing on your own sense of accountability.

Friends are more opinionated.  They will tell you what they would do if they were in your situation, but guess what; they are not in your situation. Advice given doesn’t always have to be taken.

It’s very simple, if you don’t trust, you don’t have much of a marriage because you are constantly wondering where he is when he’s not home on time or didn’t text you back.  If you truly want to drive your man away, keep calling him, keep asking him where he’s been, and keep accusing him of cheating.

This happened to me, constant worries and concerns.  It all stopped when these words were mentioned by him, “Since you are accusing me of cheating, I might as well do it.”

Trust is a five letter word that takes years to build in a relationship.  The question is; will he still be around to wait for you to build it?

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