No Regrets

May 26, 2012

I often reminisce on my life as a kid…how peaceful and joyful times were…random road trips, an abundance of family gatherings showered with love and respect for one another; but somehow, that has all changed.  Our family is not as close as it used to be; some say it’s because of the death of a family member…I say it’s simply because we started living our own lives and stopped caring for each other.

I know things are tough and some are barely getting by, but we must not forget the we still need each other…love each other…support each other.

Let’s get past all the hurt, pain, and revenge.  The past is the past, we cannot take back what we say, but we can always make a fresh start….if you are fortunate to still have living siblings and parent(s), call them (do not text or e-mail)…call them, let them know you love them and reminisce

No one knows exactly how much time we have left…reach out now before it is too late.  No regrets.

Mimi Jenkins

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