Moment of Truth – Woe is Me

November 30, 2014

As humans, we are not perfect.  We have all experienced  and/or exercised things in our life we are not proud of.  We have all in some way or another hurt someone’s feelings….spoke negatively about a person….spoke out of term….cursed….swore….and some have even tried and perhaps succeeded in seeking revenge on a foe, friend, and/or loved one.  But the question you have to ask yourself is:

Was it all worth it?  Why do we do what we do without any regret or remorse?  Why do we desire to hurt someone?  Gossip?  Stretch the truth?

In my past and present experience, it’s because:

1.  We want the attention.

2.  We have not yet forgiven the person that caused harm in our lives.

3.  It’s all about us and no one else.

4.  It’s our way or no way.

5.  We are unhappy and it bothers the hell out of us to see someone else happy. (especially if they have wronged us in some way….we feel in our hearts they don’t deserve happiness – they need to suffer).

6.  We love to blame others (as if we don’t have a mind of our own).

7.  We can most definitely point out someone else’s mistake, but neglect to see our own.

These our everyday issues that we have to get a handle on.  Wishing someone drop off the face of the earth does not solve anything; in fact, it leads to a miserable life because we are so focused on others…what they are doing….how they are living….who they are sleeping with – until we lose focus on what’s really important….yep, you guessed it – “God”.

Let me ask you something.  Do you for a moment think that Jesus let other people slow Him down by criticism, negative remarks, rudeness, revenge, and gossip?  The problem is we as humans worry too much about what other people say about us (I have been guilty of this, but no longer).   We our NOT our past and we should NOT let our past circumstances ruin God’s purpose for our lives.  DO NOT go around blaming other people for your trial and tribulations (the old woe is me should no longer be a part of your vocabulary).

It someone asks you a silly question, give a silly answer (or like me, say nothing) with a smile and “Keep it Moving”

Listen, no matter what we do or say, there is ALWAYS going to be judgement and criticism.  Pray for those lost souls.  Don’t miss out on your blessings!  It doesn’t matter if you caused a situation because of your big mouth (been there done that – learned the hard way) or was a victim of someone’s big mouth – Let it go and let God…

This Conclude’s Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth


Yesterday at my son’s High School, there was a bomb threat that was supposed to have happened at 10AM this morning.  Email circulated and parents were called in reference to the threat.  That same day, a threat was posted on a social network stating there would be a shooting at a Junior High School- no time frame mentioned.

I prayed and asked God if whether or not I should send my son to school after all, when I was going to High School many years ago (not telling you how young I am), we received the same threat, but no one took anyone or anything serious back then.  Now, you have to take every threat for what it’s worth.

This morning, my eyes opened up at the usual time (5:45 AM) and I – as always, thank God for things I already have, the roof over my head, the people He has placed in my life, so on and so forth. I felt good sending my son to school, not by bus, but by me driving him.

You see, I think the reason why  all the fear diminished from my train of thought was the following:

(I exercised the same love with my first son)….passing on the love…..

1.  I always tell my son to have a good day at School and I love him.

2.  Friday mornings are our breakfast mornings at McDonalds, he gets the meal and I get the coffee, we chat, I watch him gobble down his food, then proceed to take him to school.

3.  I always tell him to place God first.

4.  I talk to him about not letting negative comments break him down because he should already know who he is in Christ.  Sometimes, I have to remind him….

5.  Knock out peer pressure with a positive attitude.  Ignore stupidity.

We can either bless our kids or curse them.  We can either be a good example or a poor excuse of an example.  It starts at home!

You know how happy I was to see him after school….yep, I made the right decision.  Always consult in a Higher Power!

This Conclude Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.


As I got down on my knees to pray this morning, there was a presence that filled the room like no other.  Uncontrollable tears ran down my eyes and I kept repeating the words, “Everything is going to be alright.”  I understand God allows trials and tribulations to happen as a means for developing deeper, stronger, spiritual faith in Him.

The questions I ask myself are:

1.  Do I have a roof over my head?

2.  Do I have clean clothes to wear?

3.  Do I food to eat?

4.  Do I have clean water to drink?

5.  Do I have a job?

I answered “yes” to all of those things.  The question remains, why do I feel so sad inside?

I feel sad because:

1.  My family isn’t as close as it use to be.

2.  If I get a little chill while inside my home, I am always wondering how the people on the streets are toughing it out?

3.  If I’m making a few bucks an hour, I wondering how others are making it that lost their job and so and so forth?

I thought for a moment I was less fortunate because my husband and I are living paycheck to paycheck, but when compared to the rest of the world, we are more fortunate than most.

In essence, be thankful for the things you already have and trust God!  Oh yeah, if you see a homeless person or someone in need, don’t hesitate to help.  Who knows, you just might be helping out an Angel in disguise.

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.


It was a warm and starry night, my little legs were playfully swinging back and forth, enjoying the ride on my dad’s shoulders. My mom’s parents invited us to dinner and since we didn’t live far, we walked down a long and narrow dirt road.  I never liked to walk when I was little girl – I enjoyed being lifted up on someones shoulder or back.

You know, it’s funny how I can remember the little things,  I could not have been no more than three years old, but I remember that particular day.  To be honest, the only other thing I remember is sitting in a Church with my oldest sister, staring at a man sleeping in a box.. This man, my dad,  was dead and I didn’t understand death, I was just a little kid, and besides, I barely knew him.  After the shoulder ride, I barely saw him.   I couldn’t understand why the man in the box was only my dad and not my other six siblings’ dad.  Who is  their dad and why won’t he accept me knowing I had no dad?

My days as a little girl into my teenage years were so frustrating.  It didn’t help matters any when one of my siblings teased me because my dad was dead and his wasn’t.  I honestly struggled with the fact of not having a dad in my life.

I can clearly understand the importance of a little girl needing her daddy.  A dad makes you feel safe.  He fights your battles, screens your dates, and protects you with all his heart.  I missed out on that…

As an adult, one may say, “OK, get over it.” But, I believe not having a dad in my life, has been the root cause of my poor decisions in relationships.  It’s not a cop out, it’s the truth as I see it in myself….I can ONLY speak for MYSELF.

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment Of Truth.

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