Moment of Truth – Woe is Me

November 30, 2014

As humans, we are not perfect.  We have all experienced  and/or exercised things in our life we are not proud of.  We have all in some way or another hurt someone’s feelings….spoke negatively about a person….spoke out of term….cursed….swore….and some have even tried and perhaps succeeded in seeking revenge on a foe, friend, and/or loved one.  But the question you have to ask yourself is:

Was it all worth it?  Why do we do what we do without any regret or remorse?  Why do we desire to hurt someone?  Gossip?  Stretch the truth?

In my past and present experience, it’s because:

1.  We want the attention.

2.  We have not yet forgiven the person that caused harm in our lives.

3.  It’s all about us and no one else.

4.  It’s our way or no way.

5.  We are unhappy and it bothers the hell out of us to see someone else happy. (especially if they have wronged us in some way….we feel in our hearts they don’t deserve happiness – they need to suffer).

6.  We love to blame others (as if we don’t have a mind of our own).

7.  We can most definitely point out someone else’s mistake, but neglect to see our own.

These our everyday issues that we have to get a handle on.  Wishing someone drop off the face of the earth does not solve anything; in fact, it leads to a miserable life because we are so focused on others…what they are doing….how they are living….who they are sleeping with – until we lose focus on what’s really important….yep, you guessed it – “God”.

Let me ask you something.  Do you for a moment think that Jesus let other people slow Him down by criticism, negative remarks, rudeness, revenge, and gossip?  The problem is we as humans worry too much about what other people say about us (I have been guilty of this, but no longer).   We our NOT our past and we should NOT let our past circumstances ruin God’s purpose for our lives.  DO NOT go around blaming other people for your trial and tribulations (the old woe is me should no longer be a part of your vocabulary).

It someone asks you a silly question, give a silly answer (or like me, say nothing) with a smile and “Keep it Moving”

Listen, no matter what we do or say, there is ALWAYS going to be judgement and criticism.  Pray for those lost souls.  Don’t miss out on your blessings!  It doesn’t matter if you caused a situation because of your big mouth (been there done that – learned the hard way) or was a victim of someone’s big mouth – Let it go and let God…

This Conclude’s Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth


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