Moment of Truth – A Higher Power

November 21, 2014

Yesterday at my son’s High School, there was a bomb threat that was supposed to have happened at 10AM this morning.  Email circulated and parents were called in reference to the threat.  That same day, a threat was posted on a social network stating there would be a shooting at a Junior High School- no time frame mentioned.

I prayed and asked God if whether or not I should send my son to school after all, when I was going to High School many years ago (not telling you how young I am), we received the same threat, but no one took anyone or anything serious back then.  Now, you have to take every threat for what it’s worth.

This morning, my eyes opened up at the usual time (5:45 AM) and I – as always, thank God for things I already have, the roof over my head, the people He has placed in my life, so on and so forth. I felt good sending my son to school, not by bus, but by me driving him.

You see, I think the reason why  all the fear diminished from my train of thought was the following:

(I exercised the same love with my first son)….passing on the love…..

1.  I always tell my son to have a good day at School and I love him.

2.  Friday mornings are our breakfast mornings at McDonalds, he gets the meal and I get the coffee, we chat, I watch him gobble down his food, then proceed to take him to school.

3.  I always tell him to place God first.

4.  I talk to him about not letting negative comments break him down because he should already know who he is in Christ.  Sometimes, I have to remind him….

5.  Knock out peer pressure with a positive attitude.  Ignore stupidity.

We can either bless our kids or curse them.  We can either be a good example or a poor excuse of an example.  It starts at home!

You know how happy I was to see him after school….yep, I made the right decision.  Always consult in a Higher Power!

This Conclude Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.



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