Moment of Truth – As I Kneel

November 18, 2014

As I got down on my knees to pray this morning, there was a presence that filled the room like no other.  Uncontrollable tears ran down my eyes and I kept repeating the words, “Everything is going to be alright.”  I understand God allows trials and tribulations to happen as a means for developing deeper, stronger, spiritual faith in Him.

The questions I ask myself are:

1.  Do I have a roof over my head?

2.  Do I have clean clothes to wear?

3.  Do I food to eat?

4.  Do I have clean water to drink?

5.  Do I have a job?

I answered “yes” to all of those things.  The question remains, why do I feel so sad inside?

I feel sad because:

1.  My family isn’t as close as it use to be.

2.  If I get a little chill while inside my home, I am always wondering how the people on the streets are toughing it out?

3.  If I’m making a few bucks an hour, I wondering how others are making it that lost their job and so and so forth?

I thought for a moment I was less fortunate because my husband and I are living paycheck to paycheck, but when compared to the rest of the world, we are more fortunate than most.

In essence, be thankful for the things you already have and trust God!  Oh yeah, if you see a homeless person or someone in need, don’t hesitate to help.  Who knows, you just might be helping out an Angel in disguise.

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.


2 Responses to “Moment of Truth – As I Kneel”

  1. Most of the time we can’t see past what we don’t have. I was at work today and my client asked me how I made it. I don’t have a full time job, I don’t go to work everyday. I don’t make much, but I can say this it is only through the grace of God, that I am able pay all my bills. I recently got a ticket a school because my decal is expired. I was so upset, I could remember the tears rolling down my face. I thought I don’t have enough for the decal , so how can they expect me to pay this ticket. I remember thinking this is a test, God wants me to come to him. I prayed that night, not about the ticket, but how grateful I am that I can find comfort in him. How he is so gracious and a merciful God. I thank God for your testimony and you. God bless!! I am pray for you.

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