What makes a woman a woman?

September 6, 2013

 Is it her mothering skills….her job skills….her many struggles….her patience with her man and kids….being able to bounce back regardless of trials and tribulations and accepting them all as joy…her smile….her caring for others….her sacrifice….her tears at night….her daily prayers….being able to work two jobs and take care of family….saying “no” to government assistance or swallowing her pride by accepting government assistance….staying up late at night with her babies while earning her degree….

Am I missing anything?  Does a woman have to put up with abuse in order to belong to her man?  I think not!  Why do so many of us place man before God? Can man love us the way God does?  Can man comfort us the way God does?  Can man accept us as we are?  NO

We may weep for a night, but joy awaits us in the morning. 

No woman deserves to be abused or unloved.  It is written that GOD will neither leave us nor forsake us.

So, to answer my first question, what makes a woman a woman?  The answer:  Placing God first above all men and things.  HE should be your first love because HE is the only ONE that will not forsake you….leave you…hurt you…put you down…HE is here to stay! You can’t push HIM away, but we so often push HIM away and HE still loves us unconditionally.  HE still wants us to develop an intimate relationship with HIM.

No one will ever love us as much as GOD does….


This concludes Mimi Jenkins Moment of Truth!


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