Colors of Inspiration Beauty Tip – Begging for more

September 6, 2013

One look at him and it makes you weak in the knees, but you can’t let him know that you adore everything about him – his hair, his eyes, his clothes, his cute buns and even the way he smiles at you in a…flirty sort of way.  Girl, he is so into you and you don’t even know it– if only he would ask you out. It’s Friday, you have no plans that you are aware of.  Your friends try to talk you into a girl’s night out, but you want ‘him’.   You close your eyes and secretly pray, “God, please send him my way to ask me out on a date tonight.”  Guess what, your prayers have been answered.

You have finally been asked out on a date by the man of your dreams.  You blush at first, bat your eye lashes – holding back your screams and tears while barely squeezing out “Yes.” 

But, what will you wear? Choosing the right makeup is as important as choosing the perfect lingerie and dress.  Let me elaborate just a little:

Flori Roberts has an array of foundations and lip colors that will cause any man to drop down on his knees and ask you to marry him on the first date – ok, a little exaggeration, but he will at least think about putting a ring on it during your first date. 

Here is how I recommend you have him wanting…..’begging’ for more of you.  

First, go to my website:

Second, choose among Flori Roberts Cream to Powder Foundations, lip colors, and ‘honey I’m yours forever’ eye shadows. 

Oh yeah, one more thing – Don’t cook him breakfast in bed until he “puts a ring on it.”

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins Moment of Truth and Beauty Tip!



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