Concerns in the Classroom

May 6, 2013

Teachers and students may seem to go hand in hand, but in the grand scheme of things; just like time, the teacher/student relationship changes.  As parents, deciphering what is fact from fiction can sometimes and in most cases seems overwhelming. 

Case in point #1:

When my oldest son was in middle school, I believe it was the 7th grade, he was told by a teacher that he did not deserve to be in her classroom.  Of course he was crushed by this; not knowing why he was being told such hurtful words. 

Case in point #2: 

My youngest child was in grade school when one of his teachers kept showing slavery movies every single day.  What surprised me about this scenario is that the principal was unaware of the movies that were being shown to the classroom.  My son felt uncomfortable as he was the only young man of color in his classroom. 

You see, situations happen in classrooms – some are more extreme than my two case points that we as parents are unaware of because kids have a habit of keeping things to themselves.  To me it’s a form of bullying. 

When teachers call students out of their classroom just to “hang out”, I have a problem with that…when teachers take over the students assignments, I have a problem with that…when teachers look a student in the eyes and call him/her “stupid”, I have a problem with that…when teachers lie on other students just to protect their “favorite” student, I have a problem with that…when teacher follow kids around on social networks to try and find something to discredit them or get them in trouble, I have a problem with that….when teachers place one student against another, I have a problem with that….

When I send my son to school, I send him to learn, not to impose judgment or having to defend himself against negative words that come out of teachers mouths. 

In my school days, I had teachers that taught and principals that did not put up with any sort of misconduct – whether it was from a student or a teacher. 

I had a niece that actually got sick each morning prior to school because her teachers gave her a hard time…they didn’t like her and they did not hide their feelings in front of her.

There are so many great teachers in this world and if that is you, keep it up!  Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated!  Teachers are underpaid and often under appreciated and those that take their career seriously – kudos to you…students can and will learn a great deal from you.  There is always that special teacher that has greatly impressed a student to grow to great heights. 

This Concludes Mimi Jenkins’ Moment of Truth.



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