Caring for our Senior Citizens

May 2, 2013

Senior citizens play a very important role in our lives.  One look in their eyes can tell a million stories as to how they survived the great depression, slavery, holocaust, war, losing parents at a young age and having to step up to the plate and rear younger siblings; dropping out of school at a very young age to help support the family, and taking any job they could to make ends meet. 

So why don’t we support them better than we are doing?  Why are they still struggling to pay for medication, food, room, and board?  Why can’t senior citizens be taken care of the way they took care of us?  Senior citizens have more than paid their debt in blood, sweat, and tears to society. 

When my husband and I go grocery shopping at Aldi’s, normally our basket is full, but at as I look over to either my left or right, I see senior citizens with barely anything in their baskets, having to shop only once a month…fixed income…it really saddens my heart.  For those that have not shopped at Aldi’s, a quarter is needed for the shopping carts to release it from its adjoining chain.  Once you return the basket in its designated area, the chain is inserted back into the slot and your quarter pops out.

My husband and I have gotten into the habit of giving the basket with the quarter still inserted to a senior citizen or a new shopper who doesn’t know a quarter needs to be placed in the slot in order to release the basket.  It’s only a quarter.

My question to you is:  What can we do to make their lives a little easier?  I had one idea of starting a prescription drug program; setting up an account at a local bank for senior citizens that would tie into the pharmacy of choice.   It may seem far-fetched, but it’s a start.

Ask yourself this question:  How can I help!



2 Responses to “Caring for our Senior Citizens”

  1. Great question to ask yourself. It’s such a great idea to plan for the future and in the process,the children watching you will hopefully do the same for us as we age! Thanks for sharing.

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